What Is Logo Usbs Built Of?

From pictures, 3D drawings or an authentic entity we can generate precisely exclusive endorsement USB flash drives.

With our Custom molded USB product your idea will be in use through proofing and sculpting phases to a ultimate 3D mould, from which we produce the merchandise – an authentically select Custom USB Drive that none haves.


Custom Shape USB can be built by means of recycled PVC, Silicone, ABS or PET along with other resources and the result can be extra improved using screen publishing. With the representative cost being not a great deal extra than an off the shelf drawing, why puzzle your USB encouragement with 1000’s of comparable drawing?


We have shaped exclusive custom shape USB for numerous leading league football clubs, pharmaceutical global companies and household brands.


Manufacturing USBs


We were one of the first businesses to suggest custom shaped logo USBs in the UK and this asset of knowledge, simultaneously with our sturdy design culture, implies that you can believe us to distribute a creative promotional USB that in fact replicates your brand.


Give us a call to our skilled USB sales team for recommendation on what substance would most excellent go well with your thought and we will lead you from first to last the choices and developments to guarantee that you get the finest cost for wealth for your exclusive USB drive designs.


PVC proposes the perfect substrate if you need detailed elements and desire to build your primary venture into custom molded logo USB drives on a less important scale. The PVC molding, being cost efficient and completed from lighter stuff, lets for additional responsiveness in the manufacture procedure and therefore for a supplementary thorough USB.


It’s of no astonishment that brands such as Philips, Vodafone, Pepsi and Blackberry decide to have faith on We are USB with their promotional USB venture.