Things To Consider While Choosing A Custom USB


USB flash drives are available in all shapes, storage capacity, sizes, styles as well as quality. All these are very attractive in comparison to normal flash drives. So before buying them, there are some factors to consider as per promotional requirements.

Quality Of The USB

Quality is a very important factor while choosing USB drives for advertising or promotions. While using USBs for promotional products it is very necessary to ensure the USBs are of good quality as providing low-quality USBs for promotional purposes will only backfire. There are many things to consider for a good quality of USB like the quality of chip or memory chip inside. The chip memory should grade A or the latest. The drive must be ISO 9001:2008 certified. Apart from these, the company people should ensure metal loop over plastic loops and good fitting of caps.

Turnaround Time

It is wise to prefer suppliers who manufacture the Custom USB Sticks on their own manufacturing sites over companies who depend upon 3rd party manufacturers. By this, the company can get a surety of when the product will be delivered as well as the product gets delivered fast also.

Printing Options

Logo engraving or printing can be done in several ways like screen printing, laser engraving, and photo printing, etc. Each method is designed for different materials. So it is important to ensure the suppliers provide the most suitable printing option for the USB material.


The company also should ensure the Custom USB suppliers offer various types of styles like Swivels, USB cards, sliders, pens, wristbands, lanyards etc. Having more options is always better.


It is also important to determine the desired storage capacity needed for the USB drive. This can be determined by taking some things like files or photos into consideration.

These are the most common factors to consider before choosing a custom USB flash drive.


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